Behind the scenes : "Les Audoniens" collection

In addition to the new models for our permanent collection, we release a special collection every year. But this year, because of a certain COVID-19 virus, the collection initially planned for this summer finally came out this winter. But as the proverb says, better late than never!

For this collection we wanted a real homecoming, to be inspired by the fundamentals of jewelry, the jewelry our grandmothers wore. We always work from a mood board for our collections. Our inspirations are varied, from ancient jewelry, to architecture, photos of art, fashion, etc.

Les Audoniens collection moodboard

Once the universe is visualized, it is time to sketch! Drawing, erasing, reworking: the point is to create an idea, but not necessarily to scale. 

This is the next step, 3D modeling, which allows us to make our ideas to scale, and make a first sort between what is seems feasible or not. At this stage we can also calculate the volume of a design, and therefore calculate its future weight and price. The creation of a piercing involves many constraints, constraints of shape, size, solidity, aesthetics, but also weight and therefore final price. We have to subtly juggle between these requirements, and it can be a real headache!

Finally, the crucial step: melting. Once jewelry is in our hands, we can make any final changes and adjustments needed. Except that this step can be very long! Sometimes we relaunch the same model in cast 10 times until we are completely satisfied. You understand why a collection takes months to come out.

In the end, we have to take some pretty pictures for the website!

Sébastienne Jewelry - Shooting photo
Sébastienne Jewelry - Shooting photo

This collection is called “LES AUDONIENS”, but who are they? No, it is not a people straight out of the Odyssey, but the name of the inhabitants of the commune of Saint-Ouen! This town is home to the very famous historic flea market of Paris, itself divided into several markets where there are furniture and clothes from all eras, trinkets, jewelry, etc. As our collection celebrates the vintage universe, we decided to do a nod to this market. In addition, our collection is divided into 3 series:


The Paul-Bert Serpette market is the largest of the Paris flea market, bringing together mainly decorations, jewelry and clothing from the last century. Our series is inspired by the pearl necklaces of the great ladies of the last century, for a modern version to wear on the ears.


Founded in 1920 by Romain-Jules Vallès, the Jules Vallès Market is the first flea market in Paris Saint-Ouen. It mainly includes stands of heterogeneous objects, just like the jewelry in our series.


The Vernaison market has been historically linked to the Paris Saint-Ouen flea market. It owes its name to Romain Vernaison, who rented chairs from Parisian public gardens at the time, and whose canework inspired our series.


Jewelry in our series is named with the names of other main flea markets of Paris Saint-Ouen. They can be worn on their own or combined with stronger pieces.

From Paris with love,

Marine - Sébastienne Jewelry