#OneCelebOnePiercing Challenge 1

Few days ago, we launched on Instagram the #OneCelebOnePiercing challenge (or #OCOP challenge for close friends). The principle is simple: each month you offer us a personality name (actor, singer, instagrammer, etc.) for who we have to imagine body jewelry. To suggest names to us, just go to the featured story “#OCOP CHALLENGE” on our Instagram account.

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Lous And The Yakuza is a talented singer-songwriter in a genre rather Trap / Hip-Hop, she also models in her spare time, and we even discover her as an artist in her video series Lous Plurielle on Youtube. At Sébastienne, we love her incredible artistic and visual direction, and we appreciate her stance for women’s empowerment, and black women in society. In short, you will understand that we are fan!

Lous and the Yakuza



The choice of body jewelry was simple: Lous already wears a septum piercing. Léa went for a yellow gold piercing ring, because it is the color that Lous wears most of the time. Léa was inspired by the graphic symbol that Lous painted on her forehead, a sort of "Y" with a dot in the middle. This tattoo, entitled "Hands raised to the sky" represents two stylized arms connecting the earth to the sky.

For stones, Léa naturally chose Malachite, a stone present on the cover of her album "Dilemma", and very present in Congo, Lous’s country of origin.

Dilemme - Lous and the Yakuza


The result

So here is the end result, we hope you will like it: 

Lous piercing septum
Lous's septum by Sébastienne Jewelry

From Paris with love,

Marine - Sébastienne Jewelry