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You can find on this page all the technical information about our jewelry and piercing in general. Also, do not hesitate to consult our FAQ or our blog for more explanations and more specific advices.

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  1. LOBE: It refers to the soft lower section of the ear.
  2. CONCH: It sits on the middle part of the inside ear.
  3. HELIX: This type of piercing is located along the outside ridge of the upper ear.
  4. INDUSTRIAL: Double perforation of the upper ear, from helix to anti-helix.
  5. FLAT HELIX: Next to the rook, it can be any part of the inner flap of the upper ear above the conch.
  6. FORWARD HELIX: It is the frontal part of the ear that follows the helix.
  7. ROOK: It is a vertical piercing through the ridge in the inner ear closest to the head.
  8. DAITH: It is a piercing through the ridge in the center of the ear, between tragus and rook.
  9. TRAGUS: It is the flap of skin that sits in front of the ear canal.
  10. ANTI TRAGUS: It is the triangular flap of ear that sits above the lobe, opposite of the tragus.
ear piercing guide


Length of the labret or ring internal diameter will depend on the thickness of ear or body part where piercing will be worn. Here are the most common sizes depending on your piercing placements (for healed piercings only):

LOBE 6mm – 8mm 6mm – 10mm
CONCH 6mm – 8mm 12mm
HELIX 6mm – 8mm 6mm – 10mm
FLAT HELIX 6mm – 8mm /
FORWARD HELIX 6mm – 7mm 6mm
ROOK / 6mm
DAITH / 8mm – 10mm
TRAGUS 6mm – 7mm 6mm
ANTI TRAGUS 6mm – 7mm 6mm
SEPTUM / 8mm – 10mm


You can also download our guide and print it to compare the sizes with your existing jewelry. Click here.

If you are unsure, please consult your piercer.

You can safely use all of our piercing jewelry on your existing, healed piercings. If you are planning on getting pierced with our jewelry, please consult your piercer first.

Threadless system

Our stud jewelry use the universal threadless system. Our threadless ends feature a 25 gauge (0.45mm) pin in platinium. Our labrets post diameter is 16 gauge (1.2mm) and length of your choice.

Follow our guide on how to open and to close it (wear and secure) : Click here.

threadless piercing closure system

Threaded system

Our piercing ends are available with a threaded pin for internal threaded backing. We offer different threaded sizes to best fit different brands and backing’s gauge on the market. Here is a table (not exhaustive) of the compatibilities:

Category A - 0.8mm threaded For internal threaded backings of 18 and 16 gauge - 1mm and 1.2mm - (brand IS, Anatometal, Inari, …)
Category B - 0.9mm threaded For internal threaded backings of 18 and 16 gauge - 1mm and 1.2mm - (brand Invictus, Antikorp …)
1.2mm threaded For internal threaded backings of 14 gauge - 1.6mm

Our threaded pin are in 18k palladium white gold

Clicker Ring

Our piercing rings feature a hinge mechanism with clicker closure, and are available in 16 gauge (1.2mm) with various diameters.

To open: Grasp the top clasp while holding the clicker ring. Gently click open.

To close (wear and secure): Place the clasp through the desired piercing in the ear. Next, align the clasp with the gap of the clicker ring. The earring will be fastened once a *click* is heard.

clicker ring closure system

Seam Ring

Seam Rings

Our piercing rings feature a seam ring closure, and are available in 16 gauge (1.2mm) with various diameters.

To open: Twist the ends away to each other. This will keep the ends aligned. Do not pull the ends apart sideways. This will damage the jewelry and permanently bend the ring out of shape.

To close (wear and secure): Twist back the ends to bring them together. There should be no space between the two ends.

This system can be difficult to put yourself, we recommend to put it with a professional piercer.


p>Unlike simple earrings, creation of body jewelry is much more complex, as we respect the rules and regulations in place for this type jewelry. We meet the highest standards set by the Association of Professional Piercers.

  • Our jewelry thickness (1.2mm = 16ga) is standard, allowing you to change freely from a piercing to another piercing anytime you want to.
  • We don’t use external threading for our closure system.
  • Our 3 colors of 18k gold are nickel and cadmium free, and hypoallergenic.
  • Our jewelry is handmade mirror polished.


Our jewelry is not sterilized when you buy it. Some stones can be sensitive to sterilization. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at help@sebastiennejewelry.com.


Our jewelry is made from 18k ethic gold, 100% internationally certified recycled and sustainable refined gold, or sourced exclusively from certified mined with a low environmental impact, and good working conditions.

Our jewelry is safe for healed piercings, but also for getting pierced with (once sterilized). Our 3 colors of gold are nickel and cadmium free, and hypoallergenic. They are designed to live with, wear every day without having to take off.

18k gold


Our stones are sourced and cut by our French lapidary. He works with small structures (family or commercial) or small villages, in order to be as close as possible to the mine and the miners. They get a better and fair pay for the hard labor they do. He doesn’t work with countries or structures where child labor is common, or who support criminal activities. Our diamonds are conflict-free and certified from the Kimberley Process (Amnesty International).

genuine gemstones


To clean your jewelry in order to remove dust and residue, simply wipe with a microfiber cloth that has been dampened with mild soap, before rinsing thoroughly with warm water, then shine your piercing using chamois leather.

You can also have your piercing professionally cleaned by a jeweler.

Warning: Most of the stones we use in our jewelry do not support ultrasonic cleaning.


20 ga 0.8 mm
18 ga 1.0 mm
16 ga 1.2 mm
14 ga 1.6 mm
12 ga 2 mm
10 ga 2.6 mm
7/32″ 5.5 mm
1/4″ 6.4 mm
9/32″ 7.15 mm
5/16″ 8.0 mm
11/32″ 8.7 mm
3/8″ 9.5 mm
13/32″ 10.3 mm
7/16″ 11.0 mm
1/2″ 12.7 mm
9/16″ 14.5 mm
5/8″ 16.0 mm
11/16″ 17.5 mm
3/4″ 19.0 mm
13/16″ 20.5 mm