Our story

Piercing redefined

Sébastienne was founded in 2019 by two women. Driven by the same need for freedom, we found it in creation. We were following the same path, each in our own way. Creating our own brand allowed us to free ourselves and follow our own path.

As piercing lovers, we did not identify with the few models and poor quality the piercing world had to offer. So we embarked on a mission to redefine piercing jewelry with sophisticated and timeless designs. Wearing a piercing has long been associated with an act of rebellion and marginalization. With Sébastienne, we are ennobling piercing, highlighting the emancipating power of piercing by drawing inspiration from the codes of “haute joaillerie”.

From the start, we chose ethical partners, as we did not want to benefit from exploitation of humans and nature. We promptly developed and mastered fine jewelry craftsmanship to offer the best quality of gold and stones and we are proud that our jewelry have the highest standards in the piercing industry!

Made of 750/1000 recycled gold, adorned with natural gemstones, and hand-crafted in our Parisian workshop, our piercing jewelry become precious objects that combine our love of beauty with the freedom we seek.

Our creations liberate the women and the men who wear them, offering another vision of themselves, unexpected and assumed.

Our Values: Craftsmanship

As we produce every order by hand, on demand, your piercing is truly unique. 

It is not an industrial jewel but rather an authentic piece with a soul, to be kept and worn for years.

As we receive your order, we start the meticulous fabrication of your jewelry. Once cast, we assemble and polish it by hand. Our workshop is situated at the doors of Paris, has old wooden workbenches and a fluffy orange cat.

Our values: Quality

We use a mix of traditional jewelry techniques and new technologies to obtain jewelry with a precision to the tenth of a millimeter, to comply with current piercing standards and norms. We also respect the highest standards in the piercing industry, in order to offer you jewelry of professional quality.

However, please keep in mind that we do not use industrial machinery. As a result, our jewelry may observe certain irregularities that are totally normal for handmade work. Also, stone colors can evolve with your skin PH, exposure to the sun, and other factors. 

Learn to take care of your jewelry here.

Our values: Ethics and environnement

Our jelwery is made by hand at the doors of Paris and is stamped Made in france. 

The gold and gems are not extracted in France but are ethically sourced and we only work with certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

As our 18-carat recycled gold is COC (Chain-Of-Custody) certified, to allow traceability of processes and compliance with environmental, ethical and social norms.

Our values: Proximity

Our clients are our priority and you will always get an attentive ear in case of a problem.

We also take a lot of pleasure to speak with you in the case of a personalization or custom-made special project ! As we want our jewelry to sublimate your body and reflect your individuality, we will take time to understand your needs and wants to bring to life your unique piercing jewelry.

We are also proud to be working with +40 professional piercers partners to resell our jewelry.

Who are we?


Léa is the artistic director and craftswoman. She manages the production from A to Z : from the design of the collections to the relations with the suppliers, until the complete realization by hand, of each jewelry.


Marine is the front of the company : she takes care of the sales, the brand development, handles client inquiries and social medias.


Mao is Léa's cat, and our little furry mascot.