Gold & Gemstones

GOLD & alloys

We work with 750/1000 solid gold, more commonly known as 18k. This is the best possible quality of gold for that type of jewelry. Our 3 variations of gold do not contain nickel or cadmium, and are biocompatible.

18k gold means that jewelry contains 18 parts pure gold and six parts alloys. 24k gold is the purest form of gold, which contains no additional alloys. We don’t use 24k gold in jewelry because it is too soft for everyday wear, that is why 18k gold is the best possible gold quality for body jewelry. Alloys and their quantity depend on the color of the gold: silver, copper or palladium.

18k Yellow gold

Our yellow gold alloy is 75% pure gold, with a percentage of silver and copper.

18k rose gold

Our rose gold alloy is 75% pure gold, with a percentage of silver and copper. Its scientific name is "red gold". There is no cadmium.

18k white gold

Our white gold alloy is composed of 75% pure gold and palladium, a metal in the platinum family. Its scientific name is "palladium white gold". There is no nickel.


We can make our jewelry on request in 950/1000 platinum. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Recycled gold

Our jewelry is made from 18k recycled gold, traceable and COC (Chain-Of-Custody) certified, enabling us to make the most of existing gold resources. Recycled gold come from the recasting of vintage pieces, broken jewelry and workshop residues. This refining is carried out by professional French companies; we don't do it ourselves.


Our partners and suppliers are certified members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), guaranteeing traceability of processes and compliance with environmental, ethical and social constraints.


We only use genuine gemstones for our jewelry. Our diamonds are conflict-free and certified from the Kimberley Process (Amnesty International).