As our jewelry is handmade to order, we can completely customize an existing model.

Here are a few examples:

  • Making a ring with a diameter smaller or larger than that proposed by default on the site
  • Making a ring, barbell or labret with a different thickness than the default ones on the site: 0.8mm (20ga), 1.0mm (18ga), 1.6mm (14ga), 2mm (12ga), etc.
  • Adapt stud to transform it into charm, nipple jewelry, micro dermal end, or traditional earrings
  • Replace the default stone with another
  • Remove the stone and replace it with a gold detail
  • Make a model in platinium
  • Make a two-tone model
  • Hammering a model
  • Add a chain to a model
  • Etc.

If you wish to customize an existing model, please fill in the form below. For a completely custom-made creation, please fill in the form on the dedicated page.

Personalization FORM